Freak Town: Never visit at night


Freak Town: Never visit at night

A wild whistle, southern melody chased the trash on the street alongside the wind. Doors closed and locked, windows shut and sealed; lights off, voices down, the kids quick in the beds under the blankets – that all for the ordinary people.

Four boots stood a step away from the entrance of the town. Nice boots. A pair of sneakers silently aligned with them.

–   This does not look like a town where people live, does it? – The sneakers asked which for obvious vocal reasons belonged to a girl.

–         Not at all. More like a ghost town – answered the second pair of boots, husky male voice.

–         “Freaky Town” if I’m to be asked – interrupted them both the first pair of boots, a voice belonging to a person obviously pissed off.

–         Well anyways, let’s go in. It’s almost darkened. Might find some directions.

Not a sound welcomed them as they walked the dusty road separating the short buildings. Barber shop – dark and closed, pub – dead and empty, police station – not a presence at all, bakery – no sweet smell of bread, grocery – no car outside, no man carrying in fresh veggies.

No dogs, no cats, no birds. Nor a rattle snake.

The town seemed as if fallen in a deep sleep; a coma trapping it in some sort of vacuum. It didn’t appear to have been habited for a long, long time.

–         So a ghost town it is. I wonder how many of those are scattered around the state. People chased away from their homeland by the rough weather and the lack of supplies. – said the husky one

–   Or they all died here forgotten by everyone. Dehydrated perhaps. – suggested the sneakers.

–   Maybe some masked gang killed them back in the day? – asked again the husky voiced one.

–    Shut it you two! Listen…- the tenor had stopped and had a look on his face showing a highly concentrated expression.

But he was right. There was something to listen to. Somewhere up ahead the road the silence was disturbed, torn apart and tossed down in the dirt.

Music echoed in the distance, sounding like one of those rave parties minus the massive light show…ehm scratch that. Now that the sky was totally dark and the stars were vividly visible three lasers – a blue, a green and a red danced on the it.

–   What the…? – the trio started moving again, this time faster, driven by the mad curiosity of finding out who play’s music in a ghost town.

All of a sudden there were no more buildings belonging to the town but a large, empty field where the biggest open air Monster party was happening at the moment.

The strangers stood with open mouths and unbelieving eyes watching this freaky situation.

And how else could you watch such a parade.

Bug creatures danced holding glow sticks; horned monsters with fluorescent painted nightmare faces were shaking their tails; slimy six-legged thing with sunglasses seemed too wasted to move; purple three breasted female giant slow danced to a bat creature drinking something from a cat skull and smoking well weed; a giant DJ spider with green paint was spinning four different records from a quickly made stage, dropping sick beats for his fellow dream murderers to shout and dance to as if entranced; an alien was making out with a two-headed lion, giraffe, bull thing by his space ship; a reptile monster flying in the air was throwing down all sorts of insides from cattle; and even the horror version of cookie monster was here! Thousands of children’s and their parent’s childhood worst nightmares were having a party in the middle of nowhere. And no one knew.

But if they did, and could see how their worst fears, the real monsters break dance, do the robot or shuffle, they would think they’re still dreaming. Or are insane. Or both.

The bass was too loud for the three humans to speak to each other. Sneakers made a step back but her back hit something solid as rock. She turned to face a stone creature with a plastic cup in hand and flaming eyes eating her alive.

The music stopped. The eyes of the night, the spies from under the beds and inside the closets, the books and movies inspirations for generations turned to the travelers; their burning monster eyes were mocking; the terrifying black faces blending with the night smiled to them with sharp grins showing rotten, smelly teeth, which the monsters licked with long and sticky tongues that dripped saliva, and tasted the fresh and juicy human flesh willingly walking on their party. Small giggles to maniacal and perverted laughs and screams made the trio shiver and pray.

–  You shouldn’t have come here at night humans. – The golem took a sip from his tequila filled cup and slowly with disturbing pauses introduced the three to his understanding of laughing. Emotionless.

They screamed from the top of their lungs and made a run for their lives.

An explosion of more laughs and roars chased after them. The music started again.

This party wouldn’t end until early morning. And only with its closing time this freaky town had an exit. Thus leaving plenty of time for hunting.


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