Moonrise CH48 – Tunnel Vision

There is so much happening in this chapter, I just can’t! We’re going full speed this April!

Article 94

[3590 words]April is mega-chapter Moonrise conclusion month. This week and next week, you’ll see an oversized chapter on Monday and Friday. April 24th through the 28th will be a chapter every day!

* * *

They slipped through the twisted gate barring the entrance of the underpass entering a concealed world drenched by the stench of stale water mixed with urine. Their hoods came off, eyes blinking to regain sense of the impenetrable darkness. Anne produced a light stick and snapped it, a steady blue glow soothing the atmosphere. Massey followed suit providing light from behind revealing spray-painted panels, faceless caricatures of people and grotesque snails made up from swirling letters. They jumped down from the white-tiled platform and swiveled along with the curve of the primitive tunnel with its one lonely track.

On some nights while going through the routine, Anne thought the walls of the tunnel boomeranged her…

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