Moonrise CH33 – Paper Window

When the villain think he’s doing the right thing, a Blue Moon comes up on the sky. Doctor Globe is in for a shock!

Article 94


This night felt like the longest one Globe had ever experienced. In his brain resided a constant storm and no drink quenched his thirst. He needed answers, not alcohol. The waiting was impossible, his eyes glued to the phone, to the cameras. Why was Joaquin so impossible to find? In a world photographed and videotaped every second, how did he remain gone? The failed experiment with Kristoff and Peter was stabilized but recovering the lost data would take weeks. Globe desperately needed Joaquin. He sat cross-legged in front of Bree and helped her braid a doll’s hair, but he was clumsy having never had a daughter to practice on. He was lost in thought.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Bree flashed him a stare that told him to take away his numb fingers from the doll’s blond hair.

“Bree, can I ask you something?” His breath stank of whiskey, but Bree…

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