Moonrise CH30 – Last Words

Oh no! What’s happening?!

Article 94


“Globe made sure Jensen stays put in jail,” Joaquin declared.

Andy blinked. “It seems that way. That secures his position, paves the way to the Mayor’s chair and plays as enough reason to start a witch-hunt for supers. I can delete them but who knows how many times they’ve been tossed around the Internet until now. How many people saw them? Let me try something else.”

Andy closed the videos keeping in mind that he should retrace the IP to the source gifting them to the SuperHub. He entered Jensen’s details again and pulled out his work schedule. Then he booted the City’s archive and snuck his way to the traffic cameras around Jensen’s work.

“It would take hours to hack into every CCTV in the city, but these around Jensen’s work and those around Madison Park should be enough to give us an idea as to what Jensen does…

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