Cara Comes

Mild sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Part 1 – Cara


Excuse the ugly art again

Like every other day I searched for her. The more I took away from my task, the more she came to mind. I saw her oft and hoped she wouldn’t leave soon. She gave me quick glances during our short meets whilst dining or walking curtly with her lady companions down at the bay, snuggled and giggling. She turned one day with a flower in her hair, the next with a pale shade of lipstick. I never spoke to her other than small courtesies, but we spoke with our eyes. It was an innocent game one she could take home and tell to her friends. Today she came to me when I was quietly smoking in the salon.

Her light aroma made me lift weary eyes off of the yellowed papers of my ancient reading and I saw her standing at the edge of my table. Beautiful seventeen year old Cara.

“I wondered where you’d gone today,” I told her, speaking before thinking. But it was the truth.

“Staring at an empty beach all day is a bore and this hotel offers nothing more than that – a naked beach and a silent sea. I seek amusement.”

“I hope I do not bore you today sweet Cara.”

She did a little laugh like the thought of me suddenly offended and sad made her excited. Perhaps it did – she was being noticed in a different way, other than occasional chats and glances.

“What drives a man to read old books in secrecy in the night?”

I blinked taking in my surrounding. Had I been so late that the gas in the lamps flickered less and the dark had descended upon the world bringing the sea closer in the darkness? I saw Cara lean in to study my book and I took it close to my chest.

“Other secrets,” I finally answered.

Then she added, quick and steady, “Will this be a secret too?”

I couldn’t see myself, I didn’t know how I was looking at her and I prayed I had enough control.

Before I answered she undid the buttons of her dress and pulled the fabric aside letting it slide down her frame to pool at her thin legs. Marble she was, a voluptuous shape standing before me naked with heavier breasts than I had noticed. I stood and walked around the table torn between touching her and picking up her clothes from the floor. Her hand decided for me as it guided my larger hand between her legs.

I wanted to tear myself away from her but the lowest of moans made me stay put. The sweet juices of her grazed my fingertips. I shuddered in response. I kissed her like a gentleman should.

“Your eyes are awfully strange darling Mister,” she whispered when our lips parted. My head was swimming from the taste of her and I could see myself in the green of her pale eyes. The red swirled in there rich as blood but I did not care. I wanted her.

“His eyes were the same”, she went on. I barely listened. “They bulged so widely when I rode him into oblivion. But he loved it, every second of it. I gave him such a sweet gift no man has ever been given. Douglas was his name…and the other one, Amory. I let him kiss me and touch me too. He cried. I could hear him deep inside of me.”

Her words struck me with the horrible realization they bore. In panic I tried to yank my hand free but her sudden grasp on my wrist was iron and I winced as she squeezed.

“He was also loud. Would you be quiet, Mister?”

I saw her truly. She was much older than her seventeen of face. A queer smirk played on her lips which stretched and thinned and her eyes were wet with joy. A quick tongue darted out and licked. The wetness between her legs seemed different to me, almost like saliva would be. I grazed something sharp that pinched at my finger.

“Would you make love to me, Mister?”

 I shook my head in dismay cursing myself for my ignorance.

“I would sooner take your head off sweet Cara for succubus I dislike.”

She cackled and her teeth bit into my arm. I fell to my knees reeling from the bone crushing pain. My arm, she chewed between her hungry folds, ripping at it to the elbow. She messed with my head – a notion within me whispered to give myself fully to her obsessive passion, her needs and hunger. I could see the suction drawing me in, the teeth munching at my numbing limb and it was twisted and intoxicating borrowing from my needs to have her. After all she was so beautiful, so pure it was almost a sin to deny her.

Cara was elated. She voiced the salon with the sweetest cries of pleasure tugging me inwards faster and faster. For such a young succubus she was experienced and I understood how easily she had tricked Douglas and Amory.

My strength was mightier than hers but her seduction was far beyond me. The hand I had raised at her producing the hidden Khanjar dagger trembled and the swing I took at her belly only left a small scorching slice and which she hissed and squeezed tighter. The world tipped over and I fell back in a swift motion taking Cara with me, on top of me devouring the entirety of me with no further protestation. I could still see her smiling, laughing, the glint in those glass green eyes as she entered me fully into her dominion and I saw nothing but everlasting darkness drenched in the saccharine taste of my sweet seventeen year old Cara.


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