Moonrise CH21 – Crimson Reverie

Dangerous tasks call for dangerous actions. Can Joaquin deliver on a promise? Can Massey find out where Anne is hiding?

Article 94


[1012 words – Inspiration Monday, #3WW, The Writing Reader]Detective Massey hit the brakes on his patrol car two blocks before his house.

“Why we stoppin’ here?” Joaquin asked frowning in clear confusion. We need to be doin’ things, he thought.

Massey squinted his eyes when he checked the rear-view mirror. He seemed to take in the street behind them, then he sighed. “I need you to kindly do me a favor.” His eyes met Joaquin’s via the reflective glass.

Joaquin raised his eyebrows.

“An officer from the precinct, Betty Patterson will come by the house soon.”

Joaquin allowed a lighthearted grin. “You playa! I knew you wasn’t all just rules and shit.”

Massey rolled his eyes. “It’s not like that.” He sighed, the tiring events of the last few days evident on his face. “I need you to stay put there and take the file she…

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