Moonrise CH15 – Takeover

Plug into the SuperHub with some new Moonrise. Find out can Det. Massey fight off the FBI from his case!

Article 94


[1065 words – Prompts: Terribleminds, #3WW, Inspiration Monday, Sunday Scribblings 2 & The Writing Reader]

As Felix backed out of the scene, Massey heard his name being called. He scanned the crowd to find Andy pushing through the journalists, waving his hand at him. Massey cursed under his breath but gestured to the officers to let him under the line.

“I thought I told you to stay in the car and keep an eye on Joaquin.”

“Joaquin’s a big boy he can take care of himself. Besides, I have this.” Andy waved the press pass at his face.

“You do know I can bust you in for impersonating a reporter, right Mr. Kitz?”

Andy smiled at him. “But you won’t, Detective because you need me more than you want to admit. I know you didn’t drag me along all the way here just to sit in…

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