Moonrise CH12 – Hot and Cold

Roll camera – there’s a supervillain on the news!

Article 94


Andy Kitz was following the feed on his laptop sitting in the passenger seat of Massey’s car. None of the three men talked to each other, and Massey made quick calls to his partner to receive updates.

Heat was still flaming inside Joaquin’s body turning his gut to molten lava. Heat boiled inside of him in Andy’s apartment after that news feed had started. His palms had been so warm he left sweat stains on his jeans as he tried to rub the heat off. He had slumped back down in his chair while Massey had paced around talking on the phone before they all left the tiny apartment. That had been the second time today that Joaquin had sat in a chair in another situation he didn’t have control over nor could channel his anger toward. He had grabbed at the side of the chair to steady himself and…

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