Moonrise CH11 – Allies and Adversaries

Did you listen to the news today? Dark days are coming. Vigilantes vs Villains

Article 94


1100 words and I used prompts from Inspiration Monday & #3WW.

* * *

“Whom did you talk to?” Andy asked spinning on his chair to face Massey and Joaquin. Behind him, his computer screen showed repeats of the Major Globe speech. Every outlet wanted to be in on what appeared to be an historical event. The view counter kept increasing – thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions – it didn’t seem to slow or stop everyone was addicted.

“No one,” the detective answered cursing under his breath at the private number Anne had called him from. He had to find her on his own terms; he couldn’t let her play him again. His memories were of the wasteful time he spent with her in that bar on a lonely night. He cursed himself for not learning how to use the smartphone while it was gathering dust in his drawer…

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