Moonrise CH10 – The Patsy

Time powers are so cool! Am I right?
Happy Independence Day to US friends and a happy Monday to all the rest!

Article 94


I skipped a week with Mental State because I had a lot of stuff going on Friday. I did work two prompts into today’s edition of Moonrise: Inspiration Monday & #3WW. Also, to celebrate Independence Day, this is a double-length chapter at 2010 words!

* * *

Anne followed Silas as he walked to a nearby bench occupied by a seemingly napping middle-aged man. The man had a newspaper folded on his lap open to the daily crossword puzzle. A cup of coffee sat beside him; the time dilation captured it still steaming.

“Not suspicious at all,” Silas muttered the kind insult. “Poor lad.”

“Who is this?” Anne asked behind over Silas’ shoulder.

“Our scapegoat of course. We can’t have you and Bree at the center of all this terror and fear.”

Silas pushed away the newspaper, grabbed the man by the arm, picked him up and threw his…

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