Moonrise CH08 – Demonstration

Cliffhangers, cliffhangers everywhere!

Article 94


Anne ignored the profanity showered upon her by angry drivers. Ahead, there was a cluster of people on the playground forming a wall with their bodies. She pushed through mothers clutching their children and covering their eyes while tears shimmered in their bulging sockets. They weren’t running, but how could they? It was hard to avert your eyes from the extraordinary, especially when it was also abiding you to stay. It was not a matter of will. Bree had her playthings, and they did as she commanded.

Anne looked at them. Frozen. Flailing. Fragile. Her heart raced with the same adrenaline she got the infinitesimal moment before she died and when she was reborn. Her brain latched on that moment as if it knew something was amiss and tried to protect her psyche. More than one super had suggested that that bit of consciousness; that moment of understanding; was what…

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