Moonrise CH07 – Queen of Ash

The game is afoot! But who is pulling the strings? Vigilantes and villains beware.

Article 94


The broadcast featuring Globe’s gruff face ended, and an anchorman with shaking hands visibly gulped, cleared his throat and tried to explain what the viewers had just witnessed.

“I…” Andy stuttered, “I don’t believe this. Why would he want to expose them like that?”

“So everyone has a reason to kill them now.” Massey replied and turned to Joaquin with concern on his face.

Joaquin frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. “That pussy ass motherfucker better not cramp up my hero chances.”

“We can take down Globe and prevent all this from happening, but we just might need someone like you Andy.”

That’s it pal, take the poisonous apple, take a big bite. This is all you’ve ever wanted.

A smile played on Andy’s lips. “Alright, I’m in.”

Massey’s phone rang. This time, he checked the caller ID, but it was blocked.

“Hello?” He asked tentatively.

A feminine…

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