Moonrise CH06 – Cast Die

Mass media manipulation is the only one which can turn villains into heroes.

Article 94


Andy took out his earplugs from his ears and let them swing freely while he tried to stick in the key to his apartment.

He walked into the total darkness and threw the pizza box he was carrying onto the table he knew by heart was to his right.

You have to be harder on them Andy. Lester might decide that you are no longer interesting. He might find you boring and decide to take your place.

“Oh, now you show up. I was beginning to think you’re finally left me alone. Now shut the fuck up again.”

“I don’t think that’s the proper way to address someone.”

Andy jumped back and hit the light switch.

There were two people in his apartment that he didn’t invite, nor left there earlier. One of them was an older guy with a badge and the other…

“You’re Joaquin!”

Joaquin buffed up his…

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