Moonrise CH02 – Clandestine Meetings

Article 94


Andy Kitz sat with his jaw clenched. His eyes scanned the contents of his laptop screen. He tried to keep his face neutral, but each second that rolled by led to another frown. He started to feel pain in his molars as he ground his teeth. He was aware of a white blur in his peripheral vision, and he raised a single finger. Without a word or further direction from Andy, the waitress reached for his cup. He waited for her to refill his coffee, and then took a large gulp, sucking in air through his teeth in an attempt to relieve the competing pain of the hot liquid that burned his throat. His eyes never left the screen.

“So, it’s good, right?”

When the video ended, Andy tilted the lid of his laptop partially closed, popped his ear buds out and focused his attention on a grinning, Joe.


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