Picture Imperfect

Article 94


Nothing has happened on the Beginnings Project in a little while. “Warmache,” the previous chapter 12 shifted the genre from magical realism to fantasy. Linn Fergus is a great fantasy storyteller, but after talking with Cindy and Alister, we wanted to stay in the magical realism genre. Linn, and I wanted a fantasy story to submit to TOR, so Linn and I are rewriting Warmache as a self-contained fantasy story, and Cindy and I worked on a different chapter 12 for tBP.
Here is the rewrite of chapter 12 at 4,885 words:

* * *

I felt my stomach lurch and my head ache as my body landed on something. Licking my lips, I spat the acidic, parched dust from them; rusty dirt, dry and cracked like it had never been watered, it broke my fall. I crawled to my feet against a backdrop of red and black…

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