Spotlight on Bulgaria: Cindy Vaskova

The wonderful person behind Flash!Friday did a Spotlight interview with me for a series of interviews introducing writers from all around the world to the writing community!

Flash! Friday

Continuing our series of interviews with writers from across our global community, today it’s a tremendous pleasure to re-introduce you to Cindy Vaskova (@Raptamei). Cindy’s a two-time Flash! Friday winner, and she lives and writes in Bulgaria. Check out her winner’s page to read her winning stories and #SixtySeconds interviews — but first, grab your passports and favorite notebooks and spend a few minutes getting to know what writing’s like for her in her lovely corner of the world! Welcome, Cindy, and thank you so much for sharing with us!

Cindy Vaskova

Please tell us about your writerly journey.

I’ve never really thought about the exact time when writing became a constant thing. It always seemed that it sort of happened, I sat down and wrote some words and they formed a story which followed another one and another one. Now that I go back I think it’s just to say…

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