Dorley cover art UPDATE

I mentioned in the little Dorley update that I’ll be sharing some cover ideas, so here they are. I used images from really talented people over at, a website for free high-resolution photos. You may recognize one of them from various blog posts and such, but I love it so much, I couldn’t resist. I used three specific photos by  ,    and  , because of the atmosphere they carried, it just felt like Dorley. Though all three are different in style they all have a certain eerie feeling and unsettling quiet about them, something that I tried incorporating into the feel of Dorley’s world. I love clean realism? in photography for this type of thing, and was going for that when I searched for cover ideas. It’s very early to be thinking about the visuals, but I recently had free time and decided to try my hand at this with the little skills I have. They are pretty much the same, only different in color, but I hope they convey the Dorley feel in a way.



cover222 cover2211 cover2222









Coverodd1 Coverodd11 Coverodd111


Likes and comments are always appreciated!

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