The Dorley Cycle – UPDATE; also Life – UPDATE

It’s been a really, really long time since I last posted anything regarding Dorley (remember that weird story with the crazy guy and the tentacle monsters in a seaside town?), or in fact talked about what’s happening with it now, so here’s a blog post about that. Also, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications/ Journalism yesterday and slept 10 hours compensating for the previous two sleepless nights preparing my defense. So there’s that too.








Now onto another year and half of studying (for now).

I took my time with finishing The Dorley Cycle due to numerous other things that were happening aside from me wanting it to be really, really good, like university and the god awful thesis that didn’t allow me any sleep, but now that I can allow myself a small breath of air before beginning the MA program, I’ve began editing Dorley with all the corrections and additions I made on paper throughout the past months and the story is gaining more in words and scenes, and chapters, with a bit more Paulie also. I’m looking at 50k words very soon and hopefully 150 pages as opposed to the 80 something I had in the beginning, so that’s something too *inserts meme again*

I wasn’t aiming for anything as extensive as this when I first started writing it, so I’m excited that it reached this length which was impossible at a point, and now that I’m fully comfortable with the story, I can expand the Dorley mythos and add chunks of material that I hope would only benefit the whole narrative. 

Speaking of expanding, I’m also giving serious thought of doing a short serial here on the blog about a side character who was not included in the main story, but also visited Dorley under some shady circumstances in the time Jackson was there. I might write it all in one sitting and then post chapter by chapter each week, or stick to writing one chapter per week. Not sure about that yet. I also hope to kick it off as soon as this autumn.

I’ve been playing and having fun with some cover art as well and will be posting a few ideas this upcoming week. Maybe some much more creative person than me can offer an idea or two as to the design.

That was an awfully short update. I am bad at these.


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