Chapter 10 – Abraham’s Voyage, Part Two

Article 94

 Beginnings Project992 words – I drew the short straw, but it makes a total of 2282 words withpart one, so I got that going for me, which is nice…I guess.

It’ll be great if this enormous journey is continued, so don’t shy away from taking the next chapter (Miss A, I’m looking at you, yes I am) I hope that this continuation of yesterday’s chapter works well enough for whatever is to come!


We took cover in the wheelhouse, fearing the bombarded sea might rise to drown us if the fire didn’t burn through the metal and destroy the ship first. The attack had been quick, but everything quaked, or so it seemed as we subdued to the sensation of full mayhem; the Jezebel groaned, floating unstable and we so did we, clutching to each other for support.  Jezebel herself roared wildly and pushed away her servant…

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