Beginnings Chapter 10 – Abraham’s Voyage, Part One

Article 94

Beginnings Project1293 words, and just on part one of chapter 10! By the way, Cindy here (though it says so), visiting from the other pond, basically sneaking my way in Mark’s blog. Cool, innit? (I was given permission…)

Mark wrote an amazingly beautiful and magical chapter 9, which was incredibly hard to top, and I won’t pretend I even attempted to top it (perhaps a little), but it was a great inspiration for setting chapter 10. Thanks, Mark!

Check out all the previous chaptershere, you wouldn’t want to miss on anything!


Abraham, she and Zedekiah both started addressing me, and the crew saw fit to not even speak to me, but took their gazes to the floor when they passed me. I was aware, as I sat convincing myself that the warm and foul breeze of the realm was refreshing, that Jezebel’s eyes were on me at…

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