Visiting “The Willows” for #NaNoReMo 2015

 Three days into March and I’ve finally chosen  my pick for the National Novel Reading Month!

Ladies & gentleman, Mr. Algernon Blackwood is visiting for #NaNoReMo and it’s bound to be a weird, dark & mentaly unstable ride. What not to love?

“The Willows” came first of four fine works of literature  – to name one, it beat Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost”, which was my second favorite, but there’s always next year.

“The Willows” is an example of early modern horror and as I hear it works wonders through Blackwood’s masterful personification of the surrounding environment. I’ve been meaning to introduce myself with Algernon Blackwood for a while now, and this classic tale of his seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that. It’s rather short I admit- 105 words in the edition I have, but sadly this year calls for a much shorter read – time is not my friend. If the Gods are willing there shall be a second read and that’s the infamous “Vathek” by William Beckford.

I’m looking forward to canoeing my way through the vivid imagery and dark shadows of Blackwood’s “The Willows”

Good read and good fun to everyone doing #NaNoReMo 2015!

To find out what others have picked to read, check out John Wiswell on The Bathroom Monologues, #NaNoReMo

8 thoughts on “Visiting “The Willows” for #NaNoReMo 2015

    • I somehow don’t recall a great deal from it, but what I remember by heart is that the movie was epic and hillarious, charming, friendly, yet dangerous. That calls for a rewatch!

  1. I really hope that you like it. Blackwood is a favorite of mine and I enjoyed “The Willows” a lot. If you end up loving it —which i’m sure you’ll do— don’t miss “an Egiptian Hornet” and the hauting “the Wendigo”.


    • I’ve had Blackwood stories sitting unread for months now. Super excited about “The Willows”. I’ll be surely following with “The Wendigo”. Expect first update soon!


    • He’s been more than a gracious host, John! His words have enhanced my perception; I see through the darkness of his Willows and I am more than pleased with the view. I’ll be posting an update this weekend!

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