Happy New Year!


May it be a generous one to all, a productive and inspiring cycle.

May it be a calm and giving one, a heartwarming and memorable and grant journey!

Wish all of you lovely, amazing and truly inspiring people the very best!

I don’t have a resolution, not really.

I just wish 2015 to be a kind one, a year I can remember with happiness and greatness.

Also I suppose I should exercise more. Let it be a healthy one too!

Celebrate with the good people, leave the poison ones behind you!

Live to the fullest. Be brave and proud and loving.

DO what you do best.

Make those words work miracles.

Cheers to all!


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you, Cindy!
    This post contains the loveliest, most thoughtful New Year’s wishes that I’ve read…perhaps ever! I’m bookmarking it with the aim of reading it every morning. Mind you, I’ve never been so crunched, so under pressure with work as I am now, so there’s no telling what I’ll really do, hence the word “aim,” but if I can make it through those 28-habit-forming-days I think its generous, exhilarating message will work wonders under my skin : )

    • Happy New Year to you too, Miss Alister!!!
      Your response warms my heart on this cold and sleepless January afternoon.

      Miss A, I am confident that you’ll bravely survive each one of those days, and that under pressure work will pay off handsomely. I wish also for you to keep me and others happy and excited with your writing throughout the year. No pressure there!

      • Music to my ears, I would love to be able to do that… Say, are you in uni busy earning a Masters in Human Motivation?! : D …back closer to topic, I’d also like to tune in to more of your exceptional writing and, along with you, to maybe add a couple of chapters to The Beginnings Project, although I’m booked for straight-on stressing all the way to the end of March! Oy! Well, we’ll see how it really goes down : )

      • Ha! One semester to go till I get my Bachelor’s degree, but I’ll be sure to consider Human Motivation for the Masters one 😀

        Jokes aside, I’m also thinking when and how to join The Beginnings Project – for me it would probably be sometime in January or the beginning of February. We’ll see how that goes for sure, but there will be a chapter written for the project without a doubt.

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