That took long enough!

From February to September with ups and downs and tight spots  The Dorley Cycle is over.

At least this much of it. I don’t know, it feels weird. It’s like letting something go, but still having it and not being sure if it’s a cry or a cheer sort of thing. Anyways…

I didn’t want to write a new story in the beginning of the year, I wanted to work on what I thought would be my longest project thus far, planned to run up to 30-40k words. Instead somewhere around 11k words, Dorley, at that point untitled came up as an idea so persistent that I took it aside and wrote what would in one sitting what would stand later on as the first 3 chapters. And I liked it. But I wanted to leave it there, with those 2 to 3 parts, telling the story of a nameless human purist who hates his childhood stories so much he dismisses abnormal reality and kills the mermaid Animal Planet made a fortune on (no actual connection or inspiration there).

And I went back to my other project and stayed there for about a day, until there was another Friday coming and I itched to write some more about Dorley. So I did and it suddenly took speed and expanded and invited more and more events into it that I just had to write. It was fun and calming and kept me busy and very excited.  I’m gushing but I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve done so far, this series. Truth be told I never thought it would grow so much. I wanted to end it somewhere in June and I remember telling John Wiswell it will be done pretty quick, but wow from the intention of running a three-part story to actually developing a twenty-nine chapter webseries. See, it’s September now.

Without any edits on it, Dorley runs up to just a little over 30,000 words. I kind of hope with the edit it might go higher. To be seen!

I know how hard it is to follow a webseries this long. I’ve tried it before and dropped all attempts because I get distracted and my time gets eaten up by university stuff and the story is left hanging without an end. But Dorley was different. I stayed with it and it stayed with me nd whenever it didn’t feel good enough or strong enough or squeamish enough I delayed it. For that I’m sorry. I just wanted it to be right and worthy.

Now that the cycle is complete I want to polish it, add some details I wanted to add before and have it formated for Kindle, do it for epub/mobi/pdf whatever and put it up for free download. I hope I can make that happen soon even though I’m a newby at this.

As for the future of Jackson, I’m not quite done with him, so his misfortunes will return. I don’t know if that sequel will appear on the blog or I’ll straight write it and put it together, but I have big plans for him and the future setting. I’ll post the Epilogue on Monday – there’s a hint or two there about what’s to happen.

I honestly don’t have enough thanks in my bag to thank all of you who stayed with this series from start to finish and read and commented and gave advice and good will on it. Everyone who clicked the “Like” button on the chapters – you’re awesome! I’m immensely happy I could share it with you all and have you pay me a visit week after week in an awful place such as Dorley. Guys and gals you are magicians and a blessing to know. Dorley wouldn’t be here without you. Salute!

Thank you all.

Steve Greene

Marc Nash

Katherine Hajer

Miss Allister

David G Shrock

Helen Howell

Larry Kollar

Stephen Book

Roslyn Fain aka Deanna Schrayer

John Wiswell


4 thoughts on “That took long enough!

  1. Hiya Cindy, I would just like to say that it is purely down to your writing and imagination that The Dorley Cycle has been gripping enough to keep us readers returning week after week to see which direction it would take, and how the main characters have fared. It’s not easy keeping people interested in a web series over such a long period of time, but you have certainly managed to do that in Dorley, and I have enjoyed every step of the way, so THANK YOU for sharing this with us. I look forward to downloading a KIndle version of the story when you get around to publishing it, and already wonder if any details will be added or altered in the final edit, I guess I will just have to wait and see. 🙂
    Best wishes.

    • I guess I can be shy and nervous about this, because it truly means a lot to me and having you say the above warms a heart and feeds the brave side of me to do more and look back on this experience knowing I shared it with great people!

      Thank you Steve, thank you!

  2. You already know I’m right there with you feeling weird about The Dorley Cycle being ‘over’: it’s been 2 hours since I tweeted my reluctance to read the Epilogue and I still haven’t done it! I’d rather draw it out in the form of enjoying this post. I love when something takes hold like Dorley commandeered your writerly service! And I would bet a load of bucks that if you fill this story out like you could, you might just make novel status. But in the story of Dorley we trust and can only assume it will let you know! Either way, I look forward to the outcome. If you need any help along the way, I’m immersed in the publishing biz and know a few tricks I’d be glad to share.

    • An Epilogue’s and Epilogue and there isn’t much one can do about it closing pages and leaving gaps, but time flutters away like autumn leaves blown by October winds and sequels come bringing Prologues and all that.

      I wish I had the novel making trust and ambition 24/7, but at least a novella I can cook. Who knows, as you say wherever Dorley takes me. I’ll be sure to know by the Old Ones and their tentacle, sucking, slimy limbs.

      I have to thank you for showing so much enthusiasm and support for Dorley over this time; I’ve laughed and agreed with your comments more than once. I’m a new kid in the block so help is always appreciated, especially at this hour. Dorley is looking good in the editing process, many issues cleared thus far and more to be so, some details, some words included; then comes the really hard part. I’ll be sure to turn to you Miss A, I will, Thank you for this and mostly for everything!

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