The Dorley Cycle XI

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AND FOR A LITTLE TREAT:  The Dorley Cycle in one comic strip




The man in the crimson striped waistcoat, who offered to give me the Ferris wheel ride, was now offering to take my life away. I would flip a coin, but…

“It took you one night to kill that siren bitch and her whore mermaid and you got out in one piece. I didn’t enjoy their presence here. I’ve sucked dry their species for long enough to despise their every effort of survival. They’re food, basically. I didn’t even know there were any left after the massacre in the Atlantic, not until you fished them out. I heard that cry, that irritating, perverse croak. How did you kill her, the siren?”

He was baring his teeth in a smile that was neither welcoming, nor friendly. Something touched the his tongue, circling around its tip before quickly scuttling back inside the depth of his mouth.

“I shot a spear through her head.”

He gave me a slow clap.

“I’ll tell you, you did me a favor there, Mr. Jackson. But ever since you decided to come back, I’ve been thinking how less fortunate I am to know of your existence. Dorley has been uneasy. Oh it has been shivering, breathing cold and fear from every rotten boat, every dirty bar, every yellow sheet on every screaming bed in every beat down house, oozing from every pore, boiling every blood vessel inside every person. You are bad company, Mr. Jackson.”

“I had to kill Chief Wayman.”

Paulie’s voice was hoarse. He limped and stood next to the other man. He wiped his mouth with a bloody sleeve.

“You cause death. Why should you be the good guy and I – the bad?”

I thought about it. About good and bad. When I was a boy I believed in truth and in reality, not in good or bad. I had a firm grasp on my own world. Things weren’t always on the bright side, but they were simple and I understood where I stood and what I meant. Now I can barely fight the current, which shit, I don’t even know how to describe anymore. I drown in the flow, heavy on my thoughts and weak on my actions. But if I’m to die…

“Because of those kids. Because of Anne.”

He took the gun from my hand and threw it aside. It fell with a thump.

Then his hand grabbed my jaw with inhuman strength. I tasted blood right away.

“Anne? Pretty little Anne, with her tears and her muffled screams. Him here, called Guy”, he pointed at his face, his bluish eyes hazy of some satisfaction, “he was fucking her on the beach, that summer in 86’, while Paulie held her down and the others watched. The four of them boys played until she stopped crying and stopped protesting. I only fed on her afterwards.”

I clawed my nails at his arm, my heart beating to collapse. His grip tightened and his other hand grabbed my shoulder, digging his fingers till pain.

“It’s a nightmare living inside one of you. A constant rejection and need of repair on the unstable mutation; slow process of submission, but it is worth it. I survive. I multiply. We are growing in numbers, Mr. Jackson. See the bigger picture beyond a sloppy two kill”, he gestured his head towards Paulie, “and a cold case that no one but you remembers.”

My sea raged. My song skipped a beat and it went luring me back into what I knew and wanted before; it was a war march of decapitated mermaids and torn sirens, of beasts that swam oceans and seas and then walked on earth and spoke like men. The three people at the trailer park, their bellies full of toxic truth; five teenagers in the summer messing about with some upstate teens, dragging a girl away from them and never giving her back, setting the start of this chaos. I searched for Paulie, cursing myself for not killing him when I had the chance.

I fought Guy back, my nails already bloody and his skin bleeding. He held me in one place.

“Hush now, it’s almost over.”

But I didn’t want it over. Not anymore.

His mouth opened and thick and slimy arms dressed in big and round suckers crawled out, spiraling and the hooks swiveling, curving towards my own mouth. I tried to pull back, but two of the arms took the corners of my mouth and once his hand released my jaw and I cried in pain they pushed in, stretching my mouth wider, into a fuckin’ smiley smile that hurt so much I cried. Two arms appeared from inside him and one violently pushed itself inside my mouth gagging me. I could feel the oval suckers pulsate on the corners of my mouth cavity making me light headed. The two slick arms holding me smiling crawled back and I felt one of them on the back of my head, biting into the hair on my neck, holding me in place.

“You taste of rotten, of that sea water splashing in your belly. I’ll take care of that.”

I raised my hand to grab, but the thinner arm wrapped around my wrist. ”While We are here, Dorley will remain. While Dorley is here, We will remain.”

With new tears running down my cheeks I closed my teeth harsh on the sucking tentacle. I bit on the muscle until I tasted sour, until it burned me inside and I heard him scream.

Until everything went to hell and haze.

Chapter XII


16 thoughts on “The Dorley Cycle XI

  1. A very hard-hitting helping this week Cindy, and ugh for slimy nasty things lurking inside people, The bigger picture is starting to emerge now too. I’m glad this wasn’t a movie, that thing coming out of his mouth would have given me the shivers.

    The pace is getting faster and hotter in Dorley, and I can sense a lot of blood in the air.

    • Blood in the air, definitely, Steve. And more.
      I think a movie adaptation of that scene might have been fun to watch from Jackson’s perspective in a slower paced way..heh he heh. But ugh for slimy nasty things, I’m with ya there!

  2. In the end, it appears there is only truth, justice, and their opposites. The question is, will Jackson be able to find his way, even if he survives the next episode? Good on him for fighting back… why doesn’t everyone who gets something forced into his mouth chomp it?

    • I know right? Just bite the suckers! But I think he’s ability to fight back might have a little something to do with him not being gassed like the two kids in the Prelude. Hmm.. Time for me to go watch him save his ass! Ta, Larry!

  3. Well that was vivid.

    I liked the detail of seeing the something run around his mouth before the true horror reveals itself.

    I’m starting to wonder what this would be like as a TV series, shot sort of like the X-Files was. I think your comic book idea was excellent, too.

    • Aw cheers, Katherine!
      I love comic books and my mind is constantly either drawing up the story as one or adaptating it into a movie and casting roles and all. Such a sad thing really, but helps visualize things even more and move them onwards in a more beliavable way.

      The true horror is half reveald… so..prepare!

  4. Wasn’t able to read this week’s installment on time. So glad I did before moving on. That whole tentacle scene was pure terror to read. The image of being violated like that is one I’ll have to work on pushing aside; otherwise, I fear I won’t be able to focus on anything else. Which is my way of saying that you did an awesome job with that image. Well done.

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