Sarpa Salpa



Tra la a tra la

la tra la la a

High on Sarpa Salpa

Having consumed the head

I deploy

Proportionate to the asymmetry

Of a disproportional dimension

In this dishonest dystopia

Of delusional dactyls;

Ha ha Ha ha

Or have the trumpets played

The a al al art al al art a al art piece

this whole time?

I see only dead fish

They go with the flow

Heads off

Tails wagging

Down my throat

Out my eyes



A highway to Massachusetts

Inside a decomposing delirium

Diffusive in its own diorama;

A dense detonation of death

That demonizes the density

Creating a population of dehumanized

Degenerates digesting disgusting delays

Particles and principles

Of my core

Demolished and decoyed

My brain

Destructive and deranged

My mind

Detained and deaf;

I deduce

Convulsive vomiting

And I’m gone

And I’m End.


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