My unease mostly comes from the horrid assumption that my right eye fails to see what the corner of it does. That is, when I turn my head I see the ordinary, a simple object, an inanimate figure, but just before that I know what the corner caught and registered – an entirely new image of motions and attempts of greater such, unlikely to the nature of its original character as seen by my full eye. Oh, no I am not mad; I am simply worried that I might be going so.

Today the corner of my eye filtered a different abnormality as the by-street disappeared from my peripheral vision and their substitute rose with tall black rocks that were the foundation of a palace of sorts, but which was in a monotonous decay, crumbling into a blacker mass of liquid denser than water and infested with golden sinking monuments of befallen, ungodly creatures of proportions unknown and terrible to me. The motion of this transcendental spectacle was falling in rhythm with my own motion in the known to me world and I genuinely feared I might find myself prisoner to this abandoned city and far-off world exciting in the corner of my eye.

My eyeball twitched inside its socket, the forgotten palace becoming blurred as tears formatted in the corner of my right eye and dripped down my cheek. A blink and the vision was gone forever, leaving me a stranger to my own world and a permanent mental inhabitant in that other, the kingdom of crumble and decay.


6 thoughts on “Passerby

  1. Being so aware that the other world exists, right on the edge of their vision, both solid and evasive at the same time, would probably be enough to drag most people into insanity.

    • I know it would work on me, though I kind of think it’d be partially amazing to have a whole different existence functional and real living in the corner of your eye, that is also the corner of your mind, barely there, but very sensible in presence. Or I’ve just gone mad and insanity doesn’t seem all that bad. Oops!

      Thank’s for the comment, Steve!

    • Absolutely! I think in a metaphoric way writers experience just that in the process of their work. They keep balancing reality and illusion, constantly stealing glimpses of the far more interesting world.

      Thank you for the comment, Helen!

  2. A lot of failed and failing settings this week. I wonder what happened in everyone’s world to cause this trend. Regardless, the narrator’s got a good eye for decay.

    • Boredom from all mundane would be my guess. Throw a little chaos and a spice of madness, and have someone monologue over it Lovecraft style and eh, there’s one piece of writing. I read a little too much about dimensional worlds and all that, so… Still I find it a luring trend/theme. Thanks for the comment, John.

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