Pink Liebster!

Awesome  John Wiswell knocked on my Twitter door with a very pretty pink Liebster award! I really love this blog award – it’s nice to share an appreciative nod with fellow writers and bloggers.

There are some rules to it, and sorry that I’m bending them a bit. I’ve done the full course before and decided this time to swerve around the original rules.  So with more or less said, you’ll have to:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer 10 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
3. Pick a few other cool bloggers to nominate.
4. Give them 10 questions to answer and have fun.
5. Make sure the people you nominated know!
Let’s see now what John asked and what I, hopefully entertaining enough, answered.

1. What is the hardest you’ve laughed in the last year?

–  Let’s see. Hmm. You know, I don’t actually remember a specific moment, although you might think laughing hard will definitely require one to remember the moment that sparked the laughter. Maybe I laughed a lot alongside a theatre full of people to Neil Gaiman’s jokes. Maybe I laughed at my mom’s attempts to narrow my chocolate. Maybe I laughed at my five-year old sister running around the apartment not wanting to get dressed. I don’t know. I laughed, that’s all it counts, whether it’s been with new or old friends, with total strangers or with family. There were laughs.

2. What theme do you wish more fiction tackled?

– Maybe I’m at a wrong here, but I haven’t read/ seen much noir fiction. I’d like to see a different perspective on it, an alternate universe, steampunk, cyberpunk kind of noir. I’d like that mixture a lot.

3. What was the last time you envied another writer’s work?

– It’s a daily headache! I barely survive battling in my own world, being constantly drowned by better and bigger and braver ideas, and I’m not a very good swimmer. Page after page, story after story, novel after novel – I’m the female metaphorical impersonation of Abel, though in my case I get murdered by you lovely people and other lovely people in print and hardcover and in digital. And then I revive myself, sometimes lucky to have been motivated and freshened by those who I envy and sometimes I want to be Cain and someone else to be Abel.

 4.What’s the next book you’re planning to read and why?

– If I finish with Scott Lynch ‘s “The Lies of Locke Lamora” before NaNoReMo and “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, it’ll be perhaps “Silmarilion”. Not only that I’ve always wanted to read it, but I just recently reminded myself how fond I am of Tolkien’s universe and what a great reading experience it would be, with the background of Middle-Earth’s wars, the First age and the arise of the darkness and the Elves being badass as always. So there you have it.

5. Does anything in fiction routinely scare you or creep you out? Whether it’s werewolves or doctor visits.

– I’m going to allow myself to give an example here. You know that moment in a novel where what’s happening is so messed up and disgusting, worldwide shocking news material, but it’s written so damn well you just hold your breath and go with it thinking how mad it is and how mad you are for getting a thrill from reading it? That’s routinely creepy for me. Stephen King’s “The Talisman” and the following novel, and Joe Hill’s “N0S4A2” are just recent examples full of gut churning moments like that. I’ve literally averted my eyes from certain paragraphs, because when you get “used” to reading those they become quite visual. I love that scary part as much as I hate it.

 6. If you could spend an afternoon hanging out with any villain, who would it be?

– Let me get my awesome fan list out. (It would be the literature villain’s one, since it’s suitable) Captain Hook? Aye! I’ll pillage and sing and drink on the Jolly Roger, and occasionally we might share a story. Moriarty? Sure thing! (although I think I may be dead before the night ends) But imagine an afternoon of tea and plotting cunning schemes to topple down unlikable governmental figures. I mean, sometimes evil can be cool, if you pay well enough (and if it’s the consulting criminal type, hell, why not?) Smaug? Can I say Smaug? I’ll buy him a pretty golden thingy and persuade him for a flight above Dale and all the way to the Shire. I’m going to stop with those.

7. If you could delete any character from all of fiction, such that no one would remember it had ever existed, what character would it be?

– Wow, that’s cruel isn’t it? Who would have been so annoying, or unimportant, or irritating and flat? “King” Joffrey? Yeah, he falls into those categories, but then again he…*spoiler*. Nevermind.

Perhaps even a character so annoying and impossible to go with has something to him/her that fits the narrative. If not it has to be a really bad book. But just to answer the question, a totally useless character that I’d delete would be Raoul, the Viscount of Chagny in “The Phantom of the Opera”. That would change the novel very much, but then there would be less love story and no one to protect dear little Christine. Ha ha ha.

8.What’s your favorite nickname you’ve ever been given?

– I haven’t been given any 😦 My dad sometimes calls me mouse or curly, but that’s about it.

9. Do the last ten books you read have anything in common?

– They had the same font. Were about the same size. They smelled the same way. They didn’t have any pictures in them and not once they had the word “love” in them.

10. By a unique snafu of publishing, you are legally obligated to write a crossover between two popular franchises of your choosing. Which two are they?

– A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter *evil grin* I say, a wonderful new rendition of Hunger Games that’ll be. Will Harry, a Westeros bastard born with the sign of magic survive in the battle of the Thrones, when he finds out his unknown father was actually the king in the north? And will Sansa Stark of Ravenclaw in the far land of Hogwarts manage to avenge her mother’s death by the hand of no other than Lord Voldemort Tully? Will the Red Yulle Wedding be a disaster? Will Professor Tyrion of Flitwick prove to be more than just a witty man from a noble class? Will Hermoine Lanister change her destiny of cruelty set by her family and join the crusade of Ron Snow and his brother John of finding the warrior nymph Arya of the Dark Forest near The Wall? Those questions and many more will arise in the new saga!  –  It’s a tempting crossover that one, isn’t it?

So, there they are. Hope I was a tiny bit fun!

Now for the nominees.

Jacki Donnellan

Katherine Hajer

David G Shrock


And here are their ten questions:

  1. Who’s your hero?
  2. What gave the beginning of your writing experience?
  3. How do you engage on a story? Do you outline or are you a more of a discovery writer?
  4. In what genre/s do you write and why?
  5. What’s that one line you’re really proud of?
  6. You get to bring to life one character for 24 hours. Which one is that and why?
  7. Do you regret reading a book? Which and why?
  8. Pick a childhood favorite book. Which is it?
  9. How many books do you plan to read in 2014?
  10. You have been given a one way ticket offering to any fictional destination. Which one would you choose?

Have fun!!!


8 thoughts on “Pink Liebster!

  1. Those are some fascinating questioned posed by Wiswell, and entertaining answers. I like your crossover answer in #10. Very fun. 🙂

    The questions you pose are pretty good questions worth a thought.

    • I know right? I always enjoy John’s questions. They are fun to answer.

      Thanks for participating too, David.

      That crossover I’m going to write one day! Just for the fun of it.

  2. Hiya Cindy, and thank you for awarding me the Liebster Award again, It’s always nice to know that someone has me on their “People to read” list, and a very pretty pink one this time to brighten up my blog. I will be delighted to accept. 🙂

    Like you, I have done this several times before, and also like you I think I may bend the rules a tad (Or maybe slightly more than a tad)

    I’ll have a good think about this, and hopefully post my own offering some time over the next few days.

    Cheers Cindy. 😀

  3. Congratulations Cindy! I too love your franchise crossover, what a whirlwind of a story that would be. And you posed some great questions as well. I look forward to reading the “winners'” answers.

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