Some Men Would Let the World Burn

I had luck or some divine intervention or well something winning for the second time the Flash! Friday micro fiction contest and it was a back to back win too with me being the winner of the previous issue! Read the winning story bellow and there’s a one minute interview with me with cool questions at the link above. Photo prompt for the contest:

Some Men Would Let the World Burn

Let dollars be thrown in the air in celebration of the future, of prosperity and innovation, and let the electrical body be immortalized! Let men from each side of the world join hands and put great minds together to create and improve. But God, let that be at a lower cost.

Oh, how each light bulb pulsates with power, so bright! So many!

In the crowd I am alone, amongst the buzzes and the clacks of apparatus modern and astonishing. Beyond that I see a society that does not abide by the rules given to it by Destiny. I breathe the air of its false utopia and it sickness me. I have seen a future of Godlike men, emotionless. So tell me Lady Republic, what shall I do to save you?

Ah, there comes old Moore, frightened and absurd. Is it the look of my own handmade apparatus?
“Visconti, wait! What are you doing?”

Salvaging, cleansing. Let it all burn.


4 thoughts on “Some Men Would Let the World Burn

    • A society or a minority with an ill understanding of the world can never have what they call a Utopia. They will always result in dystopian futures.

      Thank you, Steve! Always appriciate the support ^^

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