#NaNoReMo 2014 with Robert Louis Stevenson and “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

This year I’m creeping up again  the ladder of horror and madness which has long ago proven to be a special favorite of mine, with last years choice of “Frankenstein” which I loved.

This year I picked “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” for the National Novel Reading Month 2014. If you don’t know that NaNoReMo is, it’s the aim that throughout the span of one month ( which John Wiswell graciously pointed out this year is March), you pick and read a classic novel, with that classic novel being whatever your definition of classic is, I suppose. Just pick something you’ve always wanted to read and haven’t till now.

I went through all my classical novels I hadn’t read and realized the majority of them are not in English which is not that much of a problem, but still it’s slightly uncomfortable for the reviews and the thought process during reading. So then I searched through what little classics I had in English and amongst them on paper I have “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Perfect!

It’s a small novella, and it would hardly take a whole month to read, but combined with other books I’m reading it fits wonderfully to the “schedule”.

So here it goes a horrific, thrilling reading that will surely spawn chilling reviews!

Good luck to everyone participating!


5 thoughts on “#NaNoReMo 2014 with Robert Louis Stevenson and “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

  1. Just a heads up, Cindy – #NaNoReMo is in March this year. So you don’t have to rush through the little novel, though I also really enjoyed Jekyll and Hyde. It’s revealing how thoroughly our culture has spoiled the ending.

    • Really? I must have read wrong then, thought it’s a tradition to have it in February. Thanks for the notice John, and hope you are feeling better.

      I’m sure I’ll enjoy the novella, and I hope we can have a little discussion in the process. I’m curious to see what you’ll be reading if that is you are going to participate.

  2. Oh what a fab book to have chosen Cindy. I was going to read Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein then I remembered that I had Thomas Hughes Tom Brown’s School Days on my shelf and never been read. I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on your chosen book. ^_^

    • Thank you, Helen! I’d be glad to have a chat about Frankenstein whenever you have the time (or maybe next NaNoReMo) to read it; as I’ve said, it’s a fantastic novel! I’ve just barely started this year’s pick, but have high hopes about it. I don’t think I know Tom Brown’s School Days, neither own it. Will look it up! Wishing you a great reading experience and looking forward to reading your thoughts, and hopefully introducing me to the book.

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