Wanted to share this short 160 word fic I wrote for Flash ! Friday ‘s micro contest and which *drum roll* won last week! There’s also a  short interview with me on the blog so if you want be sure to check the link above.  Also thought I’d share the photo prompt.


Tiger & Turtle, Duisburg, Germany. Public Domain photo by Chraecker.


The hologram screen surrounding the serpent shaped contraption buzzed lightly as it transmitted a landscape view. Footsteps echoed up and down its metal stairs. Men, women and children frantically searched their ways back and forth walking the narrow rails of the machine.

“This is the work of a brute.” whimpered the creator, as exhausted he sat, marveling in tears his creation.

His “Prometheus” wouldn’t stop. This was the unintended consequence of his frivolous ambitious overreaching. These people, at the end they found themselves starting from the beginning, no memory of minutes ago, no concept of hours gone by. He had created the sort of cycle that destroyed their minds, trapping them in a limbo of repetitiveness in which they existed in their normality just for a split second. To fear.

Soon their system would catch on the anomaly, and they would die maddened and starved becoming mere shells of humans. And he would suffer the helpless observation of that process.


3 thoughts on “Prometheus

  1. Oh Cindy, this is just brilliant. The contraption, a twisting and turning path to insanity. I absolutely love this post.

    And congratulations on winning, anyone reading this can tell why. 🙂

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