Eulogy for the sewer crime

As I was slowly drifting

Down a sewer pipe

My body not long taken

by the knife of fellow men

I came upon a wicked lot

That welcomed me to ghastly plot


One carnival, depraved and lost

Had hidden from the richly glossed

Contortioned in the depths of hell

They played a dreadful serenade,

A song so cruel and unattained

That made me wish my death again!


But as I speedily drifted, drifted,

And the song such gently shifted, shifted

I came to like the wicked tune

And hummed along the rhythmic choon


I briefly saw their monstrous figures

For in shadows they kept hid

In a sudden burst of light though

Pierced, bruised and blackened

Horrid, raw and scarred

I saw their shocking faces

And was shaken with despair


This world of nightmares

This city underneath a bigger one

How was it that it stood

Without the laws of human kind?

Surely they sang some catchy songs,

And seemed to jolly even here, in hellish post


But as I watched them more

I kept myself in thinking

These random questions

Concerning somehow my own demise


Where there had been no beauty granted

Was a kinder heart in store?

Were these creatures broken

Angels in disguise,

Orpheus’s children,

Shambled down these walls of shame

For looks and not a better name?


Where they a different kind,

A species of some books unknown,

Written off the general assumption

Of how we ought to walk and talk?


Oh, ugly angels of depravity and loss,

It seems just now

As a procession of you to me bows down,

Crescendo, laughter, clap and bang,

The concert over, and the crime undone

That you, the mostly fellow men

Are more than them

The falsely labeled as The Men

Who put that knife inside me then

And shoved me down a drench of stench

In filth and rot

To death and then beyond


Beyond! Perhaps, but not a journey that will last…



8 thoughts on “Eulogy for the sewer crime

  1. I don’t usually comment on poetry, mostly because I find it difficult to understand, but this one really drew me in, it’s so richly, deliciously dark, and as Icy said, “Visceral”.

    Happy Christmas Cindy, have a really good one. 🙂

    • Happy Christmas to you too Steve! Wish you all the best!

      I don’t get poetry too, that’s why I won’t go as far as to call this poetry. Not so much poetry, but ramblings in half-rhyme…perhaps?

      Thank you Steve, for the comment glad you liked!

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