Astarogian Suns

Note: This was written a few weeks ago for a photo prompt for Flash! Friday which was great fun! There are microfiction contests every Friday so you can check the link to find out more and perhaps participate. There are dragons! Photo prompt below:


Astarogian Suns

I rely on the few spare minutes my operating system has allowed me before shutting down forever; more human, less machine, as the world my kind built witnesses its collision. One after another the suns in our solar system explode; all-consuming, the heat wave approaches. It strokes faces that never felt the warmth, only now melt in the blistering heat. But our death is silent. Calculated. Programmed.

This is the year the Builders of the universe complete their purpose.

Despite the temperature, he shivers beside me.

40 years have passed since he came here.

He takes my hand in his, seeking comfort; the human that fell through time and lived the rest of his days amongst us. A white-haired frail figure weeping silently for the world he came to love. His home.

I give him this final scenery to carry in eternity; the light, beautiful and golden shining above the vanishing megalopolis.


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