I don’t think I’ve ever tried writing a poem, or a piece resembling one in style or rhyme, but here goes a try. No matter how you view this I hope you enjoy it!

Skrik – Edvard Munch



 –  Oh, pretentious beast within, thou thirst is never settled!

By day I abhor that which in night I have loved

A faceless courtesan stealing my soul

In sand filled vastness, my voice merely whisper

For apathetic time, I condemn myself to die quicker

Misshapen and foul

From inferior birth I crawled in this life

Two-faced Janus

Twice death, not once life.

Days of spring,

Distant charmers – I call upon you now!

Days of autumn,

Fiery morrows – I long search for you, come!

To light me up and wake me from my sorrow,

To rid me of that haunting hollow,

Harbored deep inside my core

But if my soul demands some light

It be burning through my eyes

Asking me to cloak myself forever

Never grasp another light of day, not ever

Abandoned in the midst of stormy weather,

I cry for shores distant and unknown

A voice now slowly fading

For a life just barely known

While Passionless time never halts

Inside this epic desert

Which I abhor.


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