We will meet again

We will meet again

As I lay, weary and weak, I ask you, Observer of thy fall, why you stretch your cold long fingers and dismiss yourself so fast, thus  abandoning us all? Do we not deserve to see the light of day as well? Have we not paid enough sleepless nights, battling on and on for our right? Why have you no pity for your fellow men, why have you no heart for our yet burning desire? You ignite the flame, then put it out before it could properly warm us! Can you not see our struggle now? Have you not recognized our determination, our courage to fight till last, till there stand no more but I and a few, barely keeping their weary bodies? If this is what we deserve I beckon you to speak your reason! Punish us, but do not be a coward, and speak! If there is nothing else for me to wish for, nothing for me to fight for, at least let me hear your voice echo, let me know your name. I shall not die with my tormentor nameless in my thoughts!

Aye, I hear you brothers and sisters, your dying voices slip away, as long days become nights, as nights prolong and we die, die, die like fireflies in the daylight. We perish as he watches, but fear not. In our dreams we shall attain our goal. In our dreams…in them I put my last hope. For I too have found this battle tiring, this madness overtaking. Here me Observer, you ruthless oppressor! This one you may have stolen from us, this one you may have kept only for yourself, but the next, and all that come after it shall be ours! We will meet again. I promise.

Goodnight all you brave souls, goodnight minds overheating. As I reach to stop this painful download, the percent still barely 30, the speed  merely 4 kB per second, I see one-two brave little peers, climbing up the first kilobytes. Adieu to you, and there’s another hope, a hope that the morrow will bring to you the 100.

Stop… Delete….And nothing more.


15 thoughts on “We will meet again

  1. Loved the language in this, although I’m still trying to unpack the meaning. 🙂 Is it the anguished cry of programs falling away as the Observer shuts down an overheating computer? Or was the download a metaphor? I’ll probably be thinking about this one for a while!

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