Celebrating 100 posts!


How time flies eh? Good number for celebration I think!

I remember my first post and my hoping that I can keep this blog up for more than a month and here they are now, 100 + 1, some good, some bad, but they do mark a path, a gradation if must for which I feel proud. *blushes*

I’ll keep this short because no proper (if indeed virtual) party endures long speeches. I have enjoyed writing every one of these 100 posts and can only thank those who have come to share them and have found them to their likes. The readers are an inseparable part to the growth of the experimenting, trying writer.

Now I pop-open the champagne and pour the crystal glasses, so that the pomegranate at the bottom could surface and contribute with a delicate taste to the sparkly drink. Salute!


There is also this 1982 red vintage which tingle the tip of the tongue, (it’s also French and very, very good), seafood appetizers, beautifully decorated, exotic tastes I bring from my own country, variable cheeses and finger licking stakes with sauce (because what is a meal without some meat?). And desserts too! Honey flavoured brownies, strawberry cream, cherry on top flavoured shortcakes, chocolate pudding, caramel apple cheesecake bars… frankly there’s a table full of sweets. And they all taste great with the pomegranate champagne!

As for music, a live band playing some of the classics, and doing their own swing, jazz, rock, punk arrangements of newer tunes would be good I think. Let’s get groovy!


I wanted to close this post with a short story which poped into my head just before I started writing this. It has its sadder element, but overall a good finale. Though it has nothing to do with the above celebration, the number 100 played a part. Could be interpreted as a metaphor.


You know I time travel a lot. I never seem to find my own spot, a place to call home. So I just travel. I see a lot of cool places though and I meet a lot of interesting individuals. I carry good memories with me and can tell many great stories. My life has been grand, though alone. Time travelers don’t make friends easy and when they do, they have a hard time separating with them, because people even when tempted by the vast space and the countless adventures, don’t really want to leave their lives, their friends, their families. They cherish stability and I lack that virtue. I crumble such foundations with my passing. That’s why I simply move on.

But the years have come upon me and my loneliness haunts me through nebulas and distant worlds. The glitter of the black mass has lost its beauty to me. Tell me, will I find my place? Will the countless stars guide me to a land in which I may live the rest of my days and then be put in its ground with peace?

Oh, if I only had come earlier you could have told me the story of how I came to be the man you were in your last days. How loved I am to be, how the suns of this world will shine each day and warm my old face.

Don’t worry, don’t blame yourself. I have the answers to my questions. I read your name, my name on this tomb and I smile. 100 years old! What a glorious life you had, eh old man? You finally found your place. So will I, so will I. In time…

Now to head back; there is a planet where the seas are transparent, the fields amber and the floating waterfalls descend above singing stalactites. Worth a look, don’t you think?


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