National Novel Reading Month or #NaNoReMo

This year February is going to be the National Novel Reading Month or #NaNoReMo as the Twitter sphere knows it. It’s an event which beckons readers to pick up that classic novel they’ve been putting aside and finally read it. For joy, or for expanding the knowledge, it’s a personal pick what one gains from the read. It might bring a certain relief too.

John Wiswell discussed it on his blog  and he pointed out the difficulty of choosing in general a classic read. The whole idea caught my attention. Personally I haven’t resolved my struggle with reading classics, and reading John’s post I thought “why not?” I don’t think I’d ever pick up Pride & Prejudice (except for the zombie version) or Jane Eyre, but this event is like a dare. It takes away the boring aspect one might find otherwise, and puts the fun into the reading. I believe that assumption is owed by the fact it’s an event done by many others.

I’ve scratched a few books off the list, but one remains and it’s been bugging me for a long time – Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.  Sadly I won’t be reading it. Jean Valjean will have to wait for another time I fear.

Instead I chose Mary Shelley’s FrankensteinOne novel I always had and never read. Until this February!

I somehow know I’ll love it and will enjoy reading it very much.

Now, I’m writing this as a quick post and will update it before NaNoReMo starts with more details; I simply want, at first to point my choice and sign for the event

So, this for now, and more to come!


2 thoughts on “National Novel Reading Month or #NaNoReMo

  1. Funny that their prestige edition would have her name bigger than the title of the book. One of those authors who’s been entirely overshadowed by one big creation, wouldn’t you say?

    I’ve enjoyed this novel every time I’ve read it. It’s intimidating in its richness and willingness to cast aspersions on narrators, but hopefully that will bear out well for you.

    • Oh yes definitely! Eye poking size. I grabbed it in haste and it’s actually the edition I have on my e-reader. But should say the name sells the book? It’s with all classics I believe, and mosly their new editions. Anyhow…

      I’m accustomed to such novels and generally love the type of narration. I had the chance to go through the letters today and think me and Frankenstein will get along well.

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