I had this piece as a draft for some time now, and today feels appropriate for it to be posted.  It was originally written for Phil Ambler ‘s Prediction challenge, and I suppose it was inspired to some extent by the Phantom of the Opera.  The words provided to play were Interfere -Pitch- Shade 


“I shan’t interfere, you have my word.”

Alain slowly nodded. Then he nodded again, his eyes staring into the darkness from which the voice spoke.

“You murdered two people last time.”

The voice bellowed.

“They angered me!  You well know how even I cannot control myself when my world has been ruthlessly encroached!”

The pitch of the phantom voice rose; a thunder echoing in the walls of the hidden chamber. Alain fought to restrain his sobs.

“I can’t let you do it again”

The shade stepped into the candelabrum light.

Alain’s tears rolled; the revolver in his trembling hand fired.

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