It’s a Liebster! … Award

A big, big thank you to John Wiswell who I owe this Liebster Award. It was a surprise!

There are a few rules to it:

1. You post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions your presenter gave you.
3. You pass the award on to 11 other bloggers.
4. Compose 11 new questions for your recipients.

 So, here go the 11 random facts, all in a cheerful mood I hope!

  1. I like to keep my stuff in order, and once put in one place I don’t like them being moved.
  2. I keep a silver coin in my pocket, and from time to time am trying to do some tricks with it. Never usually works, but I try.
  3. I believe that upon writing a story on paper a great deal depends on the pen in use!
  4. Once, in the distant past, I tried being an emo kid. Didn’t work, I was too cheerful.
  5. I’m a bit scared of huge statues.
  6. I have broken both my arms in total three times, not including the little finger on my right hand this year. (too wild a child!)
  7. I tweet a lot about going to bed or being up late. I don’t know why I do that. Hm.
  8. Sometimes I get so infatuated by a film that I talk about it for days. Even weeks! Must be horror on a regular chat with friends!
  9. To this day, I am still waiting for that letter from Hogwarts…
  10. I have a bad habit of biting my lip when distracted. Ouch!
  11. I love going out to ride my bike, and love doing that alone. I can go on for hours.

On to the questions!

If you were given sheltered time tonight to watch any one movie, during which no one would walk in, call, or text to bother you, what would you pick?

That would be V for Vendetta. I have had too many interruptions there. Definitely V.

What’s the last book that left you envying the writer?

I’m becoming an echo of myself, but have to say American Gods. Darn you Neil Gaiman!!!

What did you envy about that book?

It’s so much, it’s just bizarre! There is so much combined into this novel. You have Gods from all around, mythologies evolving and mythologies dying; you have a travel across the states with some pretty cool places to visit; there is the mystery, thriller, a journey of self-discovery through one hallucinogenic chase of shadows in dreams. Not to mention that Gaiman throws in very powerful characters, very intimidating and sometimes, I feel, too big to fit into only the universe of the novel. But I loved it, and I was looking down at my list of stories to write, going “damn..”
What’s your favorite phone call that you’ve ever received?

I’ll go with that phone call four years ago from my crush back then. Was on cloud seven!
What is the most recent food you couldn’t resist?

A big, fat KFC burger. Guilty, I know…but it was tasty!
What is the sickest burn anyone has ever laid on you?

Ah, I remember one case that left me deeply hurt. There’s a funny part to it though. It was a long, long time ago, and I can’t believe I still remember it. I must have been 5 or 6. There were these kids, older than me, who used to hang around at the playground. They always used to tell me to get lost, because Batman (go figure) didn’t like me and didn’t want to be friends with me. I must have liked Batman a lot back then, because I was so very sad Batman doesn’t like me back. And since they were tight with Batman, they didn’t want to play with me either. They told me he keeps avoiding me on purpose, but if I catch him and ask him nicely, he may reconsider. When I coulnd’t fin him they used to say “Oh, you just missed him. Better luck next time.” I searched for his shadow all day. Still remember their laughing faces. Nasty kids.

What is the sickest burn you’ve ever laid on someone else?

I can’t say I’ve been an angel all the time, but I’ve never gone that far to hurt anyone close to me or anyone else that much that they can also sit and reminiscent on a particular event.
Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you more violent? Can you recall an instance?

I go mental at any media talking about animal abuse. At such moments I have the feeling I might kick the hell out of that person who has laid a hand on an animal. Internet in particular streams such news and provides images, so that will be the main media in affect. But in other cases, news reports have made me slightly scared. Have shaken of that feeling now, since I’m being drawn into mass media myself, day by day.

Has there ever been an instance where it felt like any media had made you kinder? Can you recall an instance?

Kinder…Could say so, yes. I think there have been a few times I felt touched, moved and kinder and those all are thanks to the Internet. Midst the threat it poses, I have come across good deeds, kind and carrying people that stand by good causes, and more or less that has restored my faith in humanity. I won’t pose on only one instance. There are a lot of people out there that bring kindness into one’s heart.
You’ve got a friend named ‘John’ who tends to listen to musicians one song at a time, and dislikes albums. You’ve got a band you want him to try. What song do you recommend first?

Now, I never go for the song that bares the title of the album. Bad choice 99% of the time. I have this thing, I really seem to like track number 8. Assuming the album has 8 and above tracks, that’ll be it. It’s not the gem in the list, but that song that has made me start liking this band. *checks CD’s* Ok, I’ll go with Fleet Foxes- The Shrine/ An Argument. That’s track number 8 on my playlist!

The ghost of a loved one is going to try to communicate with you through a car stereo. It’s all that was available at the time, don’t judge. You don’t have to tell us who it is or what they wanted to say, but you do have to tell us what the song would be.

David Bowie- Life on Mars.


There you have them!

Now, I have to pass on the award. This is a bit hard, since some of the people have already been chosen by John or other recipients. But not to disturb the symbolic theme of number 11…

Elyssa Tappero

Steve Green

Marc Nash

Jack Holt

Larry Kollar

John Xero

Lorrie Hearts

Phil Ambler

Emily Guido

Sonya Clark

Colin F. Barnes


And last, my questions! Think it’ll be good fun reading the answers, guys, so do link back to me 🙂

  • Can you recall the funniest tweet you’ve read?
  • What’s your favorite character in a book or movie?
  • What characteristics in his/her personality made you like him/her?
  • Do you have any morning rituals?
  • Which is the one dish you’ve always wanted to learn how to prepare?
  • Cyberpunk or steampunk?
  • Do you remember the first album you bought?
  • You’re in a bar with friends. Its karaoke night and you’ve had a couple. Which song do you pick to sing?
  • You’re traveling with public transportation, it’s crowded, noisy and the travel will be long. You have only one book with you. Which books is that?
  • Have you, at some point, felt like giving up on writing?
  • Is there a particular moment that has made you proud of yourself this year?

Let it be fun!

8 thoughts on “It’s a Liebster! … Award

  1. Hey Cindy, congrats to you, and thank you for the gift, I’ll try to find time to post my own some time over the next few days. I usually tend to bend the rules a bit with these awards, but I’ll try to stick to the 11 theme. 🙂

    • It took me some long hours myself! At one point I was sure to break the rules and disturb the 11 theme, but somehow I managed to preserve it 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to read your post!

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