Saving Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all! Wish you best of luck and lots of love! xxx

Enjoy a little adventure in:

Saving Christmas

Mr. Rogers waited before the front door, tapping his hip nervously.

“Danny, please, come downstairs.”

Mrs. Rogers was sitting in the living room, staring at the brand new sledge resting beside the rich Christmas tree. She had tied it with a big red ribbon. Danny would like it, she had thought.

The boy came down the stairs still wearing his gloves, scarf and hat.

“I’ve been watching all morning, but it’s still not falling.”

Mr. Rogers felt the disappointment in his son’s voice.

“It’s early Danny. Let’s not lose hope. It’ll be snowing before dinner, I’m sure.” Mr. Rogers smiled.

“No it won’t! It’s not going to be the same!  I don’t want this Christmas!”


He ran back into his room and slammed the door.

Mrs. Rogers stood next to her husband.

“He’s devastated”

Mrs. Rogers hugged his wife and they both turned to face the crisis of a Christmas day with no snow.



Tim ran as fast as he could and Marquise followed right behind him. They dodged large suitcases and plump women with five shopping bags in each hand. Marquise barked at them, signaling to gain way. A few cars hit breaks as the party of two flew before them.

“Come on boy!”

Tim checked his pocket watch. It was past noon already! He was very late!

There was a huge crowd at the railway station formed by the newly arriving and their families and friends welcoming them. The trains, powerful and proud, were steaming restless, the thick smoke swirling into the air. A whistle sounded and one black painted giant of this progressing industry took towards its destination.

Tim and Marquise, not wasting any time, charged inside the station. Tim reached his pocket for another glimpse of the watch, but distracted, ran into a jubilant crowd of boys and girls with red  hats and small instruments singing Christmas carols. Marquise barked even louder as Tim struggled to get up from the floor. The ancient clock hung high above Tim’s head loudly announced one o’clock. Panicked, Tim jumped on his feet and shouted an apology to the carolers as he took on his rush again.

”We need to get there faster  Marquise!”

The dog barked and took a left turn. With an excited cheer Tim followed, as he knew to always trust his partner’s nose.

Marquise slowed his pace, sniffing the ground. He led Tim across to a parked motorbike outside the station.

“No, I can’t take this boy, it’s not mine. I’ll get myself into more trouble.”

Marquise barked, showing his teeth.

“You’re right though. I am already neck deep into trouble…And I’m late.”

Tim sat on the leather seat, worked his magic and the engine started. Marquise hopped in the basket, pleased.

Honking, they got away and drove down the street, an angry commissary yelling at them, a young man pulling his hair and watching his vehicle disappear.

The market square downtown to which they were headed, was tidily arranged with small shops selling all the holiday goods. From hand-made toys to freshly baked sweets and punch; to elk trees and warm clothes and many wonderful gifts- the spirit was alive with the people, on their straws on sidewalks with decorated street lamps or in their rush to buy presents in the few remaining hours. But there was something missing, too obvious to be ignored, and too horrible to speak of – there was no snow.

Tim was the only person who could fix that and save Christmas.

He reached the market. He left the motorbike and walked to the center of the square.

A lone ladder hung loosely in the air. Tim stood under it, watching the sky above, searching for the end of this stairway.

“Come. Up!”

Marquise jumped in Tim’s arms and he hugged the puppy inside his jacket. Then he made sure no one is watching him, and he took the first step of the rope ladder.

As soon as his whole body was standing tree feet above the ground, Tim was covered with the invisibility filter that hid the ladder too and the special weather control booth high in the clouds in which he worked.

He climbed fast, gripping tight the slippery steps. Suddenly wind came by, strong and persistent swinging Tim and Marquise on their unstable climb.

From above a large zeppelin appeared, its humongous body swimming only inches away from Tim.

“Woho! Be careful mate, there are people trying to climb here!”

Merry Christmas xo-xo-xo!” was written on the side of the zeppelin. Tim smiled and climbed faster. The metal thump of him hitting his head on the hatch of the door told him he was there. Finally there.

He pushed it open and went inside. He sat on his chair and clicked the three switches that worked the light of the sky. He lowered the brightness and added clouds. He turned the wind to minimum strength and adjusted the cold to “balanced”. Marquise wiggled his tail next to him.

‘Ready boy?


Tim hit the big red button with a snowflake on it and listened to the booming voice of the snow machine waking up.

Then he waited.


Danny was sitting before his window, drawing a snowflake which disappeared before he had even finished it. His winter clothes were put in the closet and his new sledge was still under the tree, unused and unwanted.  His finger traced the lines of the snowflake, the glass against his skin cold. Something outside moved. Danny pushed back. His eyes widened.

He ran downstairs.

“Mom, Dad, look!”

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were already on their feet. Danny was pointing outside.

And there, just on time for Christmas Eve, the most beautiful snow, glimmering in the colorful lights of the holiday decoration,  was silently falling, covering every house and every street.

Christmas was saved.


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14 thoughts on “Saving Christmas

  1. this is very sweet Cindy! In my hands I probably would have had 2 gangsters holding Tim hostage to prevent him getting to turn the machine on. The gangsters working on behalf of the Bookmakers, to ensure no one won on their bets of it being a White Christmas! But then I’ve always been a glass half-empty type of person..

    Happy Christmas and have a great New Year

    marc x

    • Ha!! This made me laugh! Like the idea Marc, might recreate it in a flash someday 😀

      Thank you very much, glad you liked and again Happy Christmas to you too and have a blast celebrating the New Year x

  2. Yay Tim! Now I hope he leaves something nice for the owner of that motorbike.

    The gangsters let our Tim slip loose last year, but I don’t think we’ll get another white Christmas here for a while.

    • Maybe a nice basket of sweets? Well, that’s if the motorbike owner is into sweets… I’m sure Tim will figure it out.

      Thank you for commenting Larry 🙂 I think the gangsters will have a hard time finding that ladder!

  3. A lovely sweet tale Cindy. I have to admit that I don’t like snow, cold, slippery stuff, but I don’t mind looking at it out of the window if I don’t have to travel any where, especially on Christmas day.

    Happy Christmas Cindy, have a really good one. 🙂

    • I used to love snow when I was younger, but now having to travel almost everyday to university and back it’s not much fun! Heh, window watching is fine!

      Thank you for commenting, glad you liked and of course Happy Christmas to you too Steve ^^ !

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