1 year anniversary! Sixth story: Inside Information


The blog b-day game has come to an end with its sixth story.

Before all, I want to thank everyone who participated in this little event of celebration. It truly made me happy to write for you and I hope you had fun reading my writings. ‘Twas great and maybe next year it’ll be played again.

Now for the final story.

John Xero (@xeroverse) offered Penumbra- Angel- Zero. I like penumbra too John, now that I have tried it in every possible meaning whilst writing the story. Great fun.

And the story itself:


Inside Information

Welcome. You are currently connected to the Life Support System of the vessel in use. A protective shell has been enabled to preserve your body from external harm. Please relax and…actually don’t. Your heart is really ill; it’s dying, bum-bum hushing within me. Sad.

Btw, did you know that an ellipse closing becomes a zero? An ending. Like yours.

I can’t help you. I exist, a canvas of units in one forever lasting penumbra, alone. In the sense of this contemporary revelation I can only be your Angel of Death.

But I think I better shut down now. So goodbye.

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