1 year anniversary! Fifth story: Dystopian

Many apologise for taking so long to post the fifth entry to the 100 word game set from blog b-day;  don’t want to make an excuse with university tasks, but I must.

Now on to the story.  Sandra Davies suggested three words and they were Honeysuckle- Illusion- Saliva.

What a threesome!  Hope you enjoy the story.




After the explosion silence fell upon life.

People hid under; some survived the wave, others…their bones were dust, their numbers many.

Year later, a group of six surfaced from the bunkers to explore their devastated homeland.

They found no human or animal.

But something else was alive, feeding on toxic, growing strong. The illusionary solitude was broken as the huge cylinder head of a mutated honeysuckle dropped from above, snatching a man with its thick vines. White saliva dripped as it crushed the body and swallowed it.

The men ran, but the new rulers of Earth were vicious. And hungry.


Likes and comments are always appreciated!

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