1 year anniversary! Third story: Hero

The third story of the 100 word game for blog b-day is up! Jack Holt (@jackkholt) suggested Boomerang- Invasion- Mule and here is the story.

Bringing him back Jack, bringing him back 😉


In the first hours of an alien invasion; in the sight of collapsing buildings and screaming people, more ships descending and troops of unknown species attacking the streets, a few remember one inspiration of their childhood, one hero– The Mule-Man.

The masked vigilante who swore to fight crime and serve justice, then one day disappeared, becoming a legend and a poorly drawn comic book on someone’s shelf.

But now as operation “Boomerang” of the special ops threatens to destroy both alien and human, inside the flames and past the explosions a white creature gallops its way to stop both attacks.


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