1 year anniversary: Second story: Farewell

Second story of the 100 word game is up! John Wiswell (@Wiswell) suggested Jubilant – Defenestrate – Bombast, and I had my fun trying to come up with a proper story celebrating these words.

Here it is:



It is a quiet evening at the old ballroom Concupiscent in Paris, when a shadow enters.

Footsteps rhythmically echo in the vast and cold marble hall; the ghosts of bygone events watch the weary figure in its tired walk. They recognize the dark watery eyes, the carved and drained face.

He stops before the chandelier, once shiny now scrap, but smiles.

In the back of his mind, jubilant laughter is still alive, bombast speeches get critiques and applauses, plates and glasses are defenestrated.

Now all is dust and memory; to be sold or demolished.  He weeps, reminiscing the glorious past.


4 thoughts on “1 year anniversary: Second story: Farewell

    • On a re-read yes I can envision that particular Titanic scenes as well. Also I kind of have the ghostly dance from Disney’s Anastasia in my head too. Creeped me out that scene hah!

      Glad you liked Steve 🙂

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