So strongly inspired!

Have to say, I was truly surprised after reading one notification yesterday, but in the same time very happy about it. It said I’ve been awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger award by lovely Lorrie Hearts at Circle Under Streetlights


I say truly surprised, mainly because I’ve seen and read so many wonderful blogs, so many  ideas generated and delivered through skillful writing that I didn’t really consider myself inspiring. But I am honored by this nomination. Brought me a smile, it’s a really good feeling. Thank you Lorrie.


As for the classy and pretty Very Inspiring Blogger award the rules go like this: Nominees should write a post that 1) links back to their nominator; 2) reveals seven things about themselves; and 3) nominates 15 more bloggers. They should also display the award’s logo on their blog.


The seven things…

  • I don’t like the way spiders move. That scratchy noise they make, ugh!
  • I am mad about comic books and graphic novels and collect whatever I can get my hands on.
  • I have a (slightly) overweight tom cat which I often refer to as “Bro”.
  • My in mind alt+shift button sometimes gets stuck and I find myself thinking in English throughout the day and into the night.
  • I get irritated by my phone ringtone too soon after putting it, so I’m changing it constantly.
  • I get very enthusiastic by writing concepts at least twice a day, but almost every time that feeling dies right after that.
  • I love chocolate, but don’t really like to share any with other people.


The nominees (in no particular order).


Lorrie, thank you again for this nomination! x

14 thoughts on “So strongly inspired!

  1. Hiya Cindy, and thank you so much for including me in your list of nominees, I accept my award with pride.
    I shall get around to posting my own list some time over the next few days.

    I see that your own list includes many of my own favourite writers, but I have an idea that may bend the rules slightly, but will mean that we don’t both have the same list of nominees.

    Thanks again.


      • P.S. Where on earth did I leave my manners and decorum?

        So sorry Cindy, but I really did mean to say congratulations on your own nomination, I really enjoy your work, and you certainly deserve the award. Well done, and best wishes with any future works you undertake. 🙂

      • Ha! No worries! Thank you, I am glad my drabbles are worth an award. Most importantly they evoke responses, of which I am thankful and have never thought to have 🙂

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