1 year anniversary- first story!: Again

First story of the 100 word game is up! Helen Howell  (@Helenscribbles) suggested Cucumber – Fugitive – Pushcart and this is what my mind came up with. Enjoy!


Kyle leaped behind the hot dog stand and pinned his body to the ground. Bullets followed, piercing ketchup and mustard bottles, red and yellow splashing.

Sirens called for arrest, helicopters circled for reports.

Kyle stayed hidden, an empty gun in his hand.

He looked at it, tired. A fugitive pleading innocence. Nowhere to escape.

The fire ceased.

Kyle stood, his hands above his head.

In a heartbeat he walked when a pushcart, full with rotting cucumbers crossed his path.

He felt something shift inside him. A remembrance.

The world around him collapsed; the fabricated reality dissolved and Kyle ran. Again.


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