I watch as he descends; a graceful act, his body language fluent in the art of tranquility.

With every fiber of my being I praise and love the perfection he carries.

His barefeet do not touch the grass beside the lake; only pure light licks the tips of the stalks.

His gaze traces the facet surface of the lake.

Whit a swing he catches himself in a white winged embrace and leaps into the water.

I question why.

But as crimson invades the clarity I know.

I cry as he walks out feeling the ground beneath.

The immortal now mortal.


12 thoughts on “Betrayed

    • Thank you for commenting Virginia! Always happy to see a new reader on the blog!

      I originally wrote this piece as a viewing of the suicidal descend of an angel, somewhat a story of giving up pride and being and falling into the horror of being mortal. I think I had Lucifer in mind.

      But Leda and Zeus, I didn’t think of! Now that you mention it, I can see it.

  1. There have been many stories of angels choosing to become mortal, but I didn’t catch the intent until he emerged from the water. I liked this, the surprise and grief of the observer and the imagery.

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