Odyssey Unknown

Odyssey Unknown

Twin golden coins fly, churning in the night, then fall and spin, as if for eternity, in the dust.

The shaman takes them and flips them staring blindly into their identical faces with his milky white eyes before swallowing their price down his throat, licking his painted lips in satisfaction, offering me a revolting grin.

His bony figure gestures me to proceed.

My passing has been paid for.

Before me the desert shines in a color unnamed, lighting up an endless creature of alien material and ancient foundations.

The Labyrinth.

I quiver, but walk.

Soon I am no longer here.



11 thoughts on “Odyssey Unknown

  1. Strong voice, Cindy, spoken into the void. Not comforting as I wait to find out if my grandfather will survive the morning, but we do have these sorts of ruminations.

    Minor typo in Para2: should “starring” be “staring”?

    • My prayers are with your family John. Now that you’ve said it, I wished I had written something brighter 😦

      Thank you for commenting and for spotting the minor wrong.

  2. Often journeys in life can be stranger than expected. I found him swallowing the coins to be extra creepy. Nice work Cindy :).

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