I won’t be having the opportunity to write longer pieces for a while, and I won’t be able to finish Mac Ensyl : Private Eye, but I wanted to share this one before I hit the hiatus. Originally written for Lily Childs Friday Prediction.



The mighty body of battlestar “Purgatory” exited the mist surrounding Zakaton’s belt and merged with the blackness of the universe. The ship speeded soundlessly, hurrying to deliver the special cargo kept within the walls of its dark and cold belly.

After months of performing this dance macabre under the suspicious watch of million stars, only a few knew the content of the hidden. One captain had cursed it, calling it entertainment for rich psychos.

Then the question fell.

What forbidden pleasure did humans pay for? A memory removed and stored, a nightmare extracted from a dream, preserved to haunt again…?

Likes and comments are always appreciated!

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