Indigo Priest

Indigo Priest

Dark days are staring upon the city. Its people are blind and unaware of the danger it shelters; the crimes and the villainy that roam the streets at night go unnoticed. But underneath the filth the city cries, breathing dying words, begging me to help.

This is my city. My duty is to save it, regardless of the price.

The day may transform me into an ordinary person, but when the sun closes its eyes I put on my mask, my true identity, and become the shadow of the city, the shadow of the people. They call me Indigo Priest and I….

–   Kevin go to bed! It’s way past ten young men! How many times have I told you not to read this late? Put that comic book away.

–    But mom…

–    No buts. Sleep. Now. – Kevin’s mom turned off the lights and shut the door. He put his comic book underneath the pillow and hid under the blanket. She didn’t know. She couldn’t possibly know. Mothers never understood.

Today I did what I was supposed to. I protected. When tomorrow the city needs me again I will be there to save it… “

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