Monday Sci-Fi flash ! Can guess what inspired it ? 😉 Enjoy 


The man merged with the darkness of the backstreet alley. He rested his back on the wall and took out a ragged paper from his inner pocket, a poorly done map of the functioning areas in the under city tunnels. He reached his other pocket to make sure the small bottle with blue liquid is safe.

Loud shouts made him kneel down and stay alert.

There was a riot happening out on the streets. Protestors had been bombing the city with shouts and aggression towards the government for the past few days. But they couldn’t be blamed. An end had to be put to human enchantment. People needed to snap out of their delusion and see what Nanotechnology does to them, how it steals away the last bits of their humanity. How easy they become someone’s puppets. There were biomechanical tests first, now this. At this point fear had escalated ten times more than before; those rebelling knew soon there will be no genuine human, not a soul left completely pure here in the capital.

The man hid the map and stood up. He had to get to the shaft near the Bridge without being spotted by the police forces. Caleb, his brother needed the medication he was carrying and fast. The tunnels were not a pleasant place for an ill person to stay.

He moved closer to the noise, slowly walking out of his hideout. He was actually grateful to the people with posters fighting the armed men, making a fuss, shaking the foundations of this great city but it was he and his people who were the true rebellion. Unseen, unknown, ghosts, bringing the vultures down to their knees step by step.

He walked into the daylight, putting on a pair of dirty sunglasses. Tucked in his long black coat he made his way through the angry mob, and disappeared into the smoke from the gas grenades. As always the best way to stay unnoticed is to blend in with the crowd. Or with the background.


6 thoughts on “Revolution

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